Biomass Servicing

Biomass Boiler Servicing


In 2010 our Energy division formed.  Whilst we no longer install biomass boilers we have been successfully servicing them for over eight years. Thanks to continuous steady growth we carry over decades of biomass know-how within our team and have built a reputation as a transparent, honest and impartial provider of Biomass servicing.

Biomass is a term for producing energy by burning wood, and other organic matters not used for food or feed. When burning wood, it releases carbon emissions but has been classed as renewable energy because plant stocks can be replaced with new growths.

Today we see a variety of boiler systems utilising wood pellet, woodchip and logs, Whilst log burning stoves and boilers are typically filled by hand, woodchip and pellet boilers can be fed automatically or semi -automatically into a combustion chamber where they are ignited.


Our Service & Maintenance Offering

Protecting your equipment means you keep getting the best from it. Our Biomass maintenance plans make sure your investment is in expert hands. With decades of commercial and agricultural energy experience, we’ll make sure your installation works optimally, has regular servicing to maintain warranties and prevent problems before they occur. Our maintenance solutions start from a basic annual service to 24/7 monitoring.

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