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Battery and Energy Storage


T H WHITE now offers battery storage installations and servicing as part of our range of specialist building services and we are an official Powerwall 2 Installer partner for Tesla.  These storage systems include domestic and commercial solutions and are installed by our own in-house engineers.  We have trained staff to ensure we are compliant with the new regulations concerning this new type of battery storage solution.

Solar batteries and storage take a huge step toward energy independence.  Solar batteries let you store up power for when its needed and minimise your reliance on the grid.  This saves money and on a commercial scale can provide vital backup and avoidance of TRIAD charges. We can integrate with solar, wind, and EV chargers as required.


To learn more about how Tesla Powerwall can provide both your home and electric vehicle with renewable energy download this brochure.

Similarly, some of the great features of a Tesla Powerwall and Solar come from the ability to control, monitor and manage your system in real-time using the Tesla mobile app.




There are several elements to consider when installing a battery storage solution as either a standalone installation or linked to a solar system – these elements are detailed below.

We offer a full turnkey solution for solar battery storage that includes analysing your suitability and specifying the right technology/solutions and installation. We are not tied to any one manufacturer but have strong relationships with some of the world’s biggest technology brands to deliver industry-leading solutions to your business. Batteries can be installed as part of a wider energy strategy or as a stand-alone solution that creates an additional income stream by providing a dynamic response service to the grid.


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Installation Considerations

Capacity & Power Output


This is the amount of energy in kWh’s commonly known as units that a battery can store. Its can be shown by suppliers as total capacity or useable capacity.  Usable capacity is more important and the one you need to know.


Battery storage systems deliver different watts of power so it important you understand the power out of the solution. An example would be a system that delivered 750w and your kettle needs 2100w to make a cup of coffee.


Cycles are one complete discharge and recharge of the battery.  Battery solutions will discharge and then recharge at differing levels depending on the demand but as an example, if you discharged 50% and then recharge 50% this would be ½ of a cycle. Its is important to know how many cycles are warrantied from the manufacturer and work out how many kWh’s (Units) it will deliver in the warranty period.

Battery Types

There are two main types of batteries although other technologies are being developed: Lead Acid and Lithium.  Typically Lead Acid is cheaper, and Lithium offers much better value and lasts longer.

Back up

We get ask a lot about can we operate in the case of a power cut; the answer is yes if you install the right solution. Most systems are designed for just storage and some offer a backup facility.

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