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Intruder Alarms – Installation and Servicing

T H WHITE Energy, Fire & Security is an NSI Gold-accredited Intruder and Security specialist with 39 years’ experience in installing and maintaining commercial security systems.

We offer turnkey solutions to businesses encompassing:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • System monitoring
  • Servicing
  • and reactive callout support.

We install products that are tried and tested from market-leading suppliers ensuring you benefit from robust quality and the latest Intrusion and security alarms technologies.  Our carefully chosen suppliers are Ajax, Honeywell and Texecom. Our team offers a full range of wireless and wired device options including panels, detectors, PIRs, key fobs, keypads and a range of wireless communication warnings and controls.

An Intruder alarm (also known as a security alarm or burglar alarm) is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorised entry into a building or area. Intruder alarms are used in residential, commercial and industrial properties for protection against theft or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.

Some alarm systems serve a single purpose of intrusion protection.  These can be combined with closed-circuit television surveillance (CCTV) to automatically record the activities of intruders and interface to access control systems for electrically locked doors. Working with any size of client system, our experience spans installing and maintaining small, self-contained noisemakers, through to complicated multi-zone networked systems with computer monitoring and control.

Before we explore the types of Intruder Alarm systems available, it is necessary to understand how having one may help your business or premises.  A typical system can be a requirement from your insurance company and installing one could reduce your premiums.  Such a system uses keypads for setting and unsetting controls and can use motion sensors (PIRs), door contacts, window contacts and vibration sensors to detect intrusion.

Some tips for selecting wired or wireless systems are detailed below or learn more about our suppliers here

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Selecting Wired and Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems

Wireless intruder alarms suit a wide range of retrofit situations to existing buildings and offer excellent flexibility where hard wiring would be expensive or unsightly such as in listed buildings, temporary buildings or where an existing intruder alarm system requires extending.


Wireless systems are also relatively quicker to install than conventional wired alarms systems and in recent years their reliability in terms of performance and battery life has improved to a good standard.


We recommend those customers who are considering wireless intruder alarms conduct a signal strength test prior to investing in wireless technology to ensure the building is capable of supporting a wireless system. It may be that some buildings require Wi-Fi booster technology, or a wired solution should the signal not perform adequately.


Wired Systems

Wired intruder alarms are a well-established type of security system often favoured for their robust performance.  They suit commercial premises looking for a permanent security system with strong anti-tamper features and the ability to integrate with other forms of security technology.  Wired intruder alarms will involve hard wiring of all their devices.  They can be extended to add new rooms or change room layouts so suit both retrofit and new build projects. Whist they can take slightly longer to install, they are renowned for their resilient long-term performance giving you undoubted peace of mind.

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