Solar PV Servicing

Protecting your equipment means you keep getting the best from it.

Our Solar PV maintenance plans make sure your investment is in expert hands. With decades of commercial and agricultural energy experience behind our team, we’ll make sure your installation works optimally, and prevent problems before they occur.

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The vast majority of investors in Solar PV are investing for the first time and often for the extra income or savings.  Most customers aren’t experts in energy systems which is why we have developed a comprehensive range of maintenance packages to take care of these systems so you can focus on business as usual.

We have over 300 commercial energy systems we monitor and maintain currently, with assets worth £millions, income streams in the £millions and carbon in the megatons.

Our solar maintenance solutions cover planned maintenance and reactive call outs across one or 5 years.  These can include remote monitoring solutions, reporting, technical back up, fault diagnosis, physical and electrical maintenance checks and cleaning.

Experience & Stability

Our engineers are extremely experienced in solar technology enabling them to not only service and maintain the systems we install for customers ourselves but also ones installed by others.

In the last year we have been working with an increasing number of such customers who own systems which are experiencing problems where their original installer has been unable to fix the problem or has ceased trading. The renewable energy market has been subject to a lot of changes and whilst this has now settled down there are a number of legacy issues which need assistance. We are able to attend site, diagnose faults, propose rectification solutions and correct the system as part of our system adoption process. Once the solar system is then adopted we will service and maintain it like it were one of our own.

Solar Panel Cleaning

In addition to the standard range of solutions we are also now offering solar panel cleaning to our portfolio, which means we can keep your panels in working order and optimised should there be any build-up of dirt or dust on your modules. We have specialist equipment and training to do this to ensure we maintain the integrity of your solar panel manufacturer’s warranty.

Or maintenance packages are designed to suit your system type, size and communication interfaces.


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