CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring means your property can be viewed through your CCTV system by a remote CCTV monitoring station for visual verification of what is happening on your site.

The system works in conjunction with your intruder alarm and in the event of an activation the monitoring service staff can log into your system to review the situation and take the correct course of action, providing your business with an eye on your site 24/7 .

These systems can also be set up with speakers, so the operator can speak directly with the person in view.


The 6-step CCTV monitoring process


  1. Intruder enters site – CCTV cameras monitor your site 24/7, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity.
  2. Alarm triggered – detectors are activated as intruder passes, which then triggers an alarm to the control room with real time video footage.
  3. Threat analysis – monitoring staff check the alarm, review the footage and analyse the threat.
  4. Audio warnings – our systems can be set up to incorporate speakers to provide audible warnings to intruders, usually resulting in them leaving the property.
  5. On-screen tracking – intruders are monitored on screen and staff request response from police or uniformed partners.
  6. Security response – security staff or police respond to threat and ensure site security.


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