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T H WHITE is expert in providing design, installation, commissioning, monitoring and servicing of disabled refuge systems.  This also includes  reactive callout support for businesses.


Disabled refuge also known as an EVC System (Emergency Voice Communication) is designed for use in buildings that contain refuge areas. This type of intercom system allows emergency services to be in constant contact with the people in the refuge areas who seek assistance. The Disability Discrimination Act made it the responsibility of all companies, nationwide, to ensure that access to buildings and services is available to everyone.


The risk assessment of a building must be carried out to “current standards” not those when building systems were implemented, and to make provision for means of escape for disabled and mobility impaired people. A solution comes in the form of temporary areas of safety – ‘refuge areas’. The person in need of assistance is helped to the closest refuge area and awaits safe evacuation. Refuge areas must meet certain criteria, these are covered in BS9999:2008. As well as describing suitable areas for refuge and the type of construction, the Standard specifies the need for two-way communication.


Our Energy, Fire & Security team provide a full range of disabled refuge installation and maintenance services that comply to British Standards.  We offer Radial Wired and Loop Wired options and have chosen to install products which are tried and tested and lead the market for their robust quality.

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