Ajax Security Systems

Ajax provides a professional product that meets the strictest security demands. Combining the best components, powerful software and reliable security technology, Ajax systems offer complete peace of mind for your home, workplace, holiday let, or venue.

They develop software that provides the best user experience for both end-users and industry professionals. The whole range includes mobile apps, monitoring apps for PC, as well as turnkey solutions for connecting Ajax security systems to third-party monitoring stations. The software allows you to use all the security system features and is supported by the most popular platforms.

With proprietary devices and software, tested and certified in labs across Europe, the Ajax system ensures dependability and trustworthiness, whilst the digital algorithms prevent false alarms and lead to fewer emergency call-out visits.

Installation and set up of the equipment is fast and efficient, with starter kits taking less than 30 minutes to install. Backed up with professional software, the Ajax applications for central monitoring systems, smartphones and PCs enable us to install and maintain your systems remotely and quickly.


We are pleased to supply the full range of wireless Ajax products including Intruder Alarm systems, indoor and outdoor Motion Detectors, Fire Detectors, Flood Detectors, Panic Buttons, Sirens and more.


Just some of the benefits of a wireless Ajax system for your home or workplace:

  • Improved system reliability with high-performance radio connectivity
  • Extensive range of detection devices
  • User-friendly and easy to access with a mobile phone app
  • Can provide video confirmation of an intrusion within the app
  • Allows easy installation – most installations completed the same day

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