SWARCO Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Privately owned by the SWAROVSKI family, the traffic technology group SWARCO are one of the world’s leading Intelligent Traffic Solution providers.

Headquartered in Austria with 3800 employees globally and an international network of production facilities, offices and partners across the globe, SWARCO operates in 72 countries providing Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, road marking and signage, street lighting and tunnel management.


SWARCO Smart Charging brand is recognised as the trusted go-to-supplier offering high-quality EV charging solutions and services, ensuring that EV drivers can reliably re-charge whenever and wherever they need.

Designed with ease of operation, performance and reliability in mind, each of SWARCO’s charging points is best-in-class, from single point domestic chargers to the most sophisticated load management, Controller-Receiver, rapid and ultra-rapid charging solutions.

Swarco is committed to establishing a network of Rapid EV chargers throughout the UK and to delivering a reliable, innovative charging system trusted by thousands of drivers and site hosts across the country. SWARCO was one of the first providers to install EV charging points in the UK more than a decade ago and is now one of the most familiar names in the highways industry.

Now with over 7,000 charging stations installed across the UK, SWARCO has become a byword for reliability, innovation and performance.


  • All SWARCO charge points are run on 100% renewable energy
  • All SWARCO managers, sales representatives and engineers all drive electric vehicles – so they live what they promote
  • SWARCO is a founding member of Trees For Life, committed to supporting environmental causes and rewilding the Scottish Highlands for the benefit of all



T H WHITE Energy Fire & Security offer both an electric vehicle charging point in their premises and the installation of SWARCO Smart Charging charge points to both domestic and commercial end-users.

Learn more about SWARCO electric vehicle charging from T H WHITE, call us today.

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