Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) 

2010 saw the formation of T H WHITE Energy and we have now successfully installed over 300 commercial schemes, the largest being over 3MWp.  Thanks to continuous steady growth of the energy side of our division we carry over 50 years’ worth of design and installation experience and have built a reputation as a transparent, honest and impartial provider of solar services. We have the experience and ability to deliver true turnkey PV installations from single domestic systems to megawatt solar farms backed by a company with unrivalled stability in the industry.


Our in-house team of designers, installers and project managers have experience of all types of installations throughout our portfolio of over 20 Mega Watts installed to date. We have installed on residential properties, the ground using piles or ballast, slate roofs, trapezoidal roofs, fibre cement roofs and flat roofs. We are fully accredited with  MSC, NICEIC as well as holding all the necessary Health & Safety accreditation you would expect from a company of our size – Achillies, Constructionline and SafeContractor.


How Solar Works

Photovoltaic solar has been around for over a century and the most common types nowadays use silicon cells made from sand. These cells react when sunlight (daylight is fine) hits them which causes the electrons to respond and generate DC electricity. This DC power is then fed around a circuit or “string” of panels and then connects via cable to an inverter. The way power gets to your building is via the inverter, a generation meter  and then your fuse board, with the inverter converting your DC into AC power you can use in your everyday circuitry.


Our Range

We pride ourselves on installing better quality equipment that enhances our collective reputations. Having reviewed the market, we choose to install Hanwha Q Cells well as market leading SMA, Fronius and SolarEdge inverters and K2, Sunfixings or Renusol Mounting systems.

Learn more about our suppliers

SM      Fronius       Hanwha Q Cells     


We also offer K2, Renusol and Sunfixings equipment.

Solar PV Equipment Range


Selecting the right panel is a vital part of the system.  Firstly ones that offer exceptional performance, efficiency and reliability and secondly bankable warranties with the scheme running for 20 years. T H WHITE Energy has partnered with one of the largest global players which offers excellent performance and above market warranty performance.


Unlike panels, inverters have more moving parts and therefore have slightly increased risk of failure. As a result, standard warranties tend to be shorter and the number of manufacturers who would be considered bankable for commercial systems is smaller. We have developed relationships with some of the largest and most experienced inverter suppliers in the world and have confidence in their ability to back up their warranties and offer technical support when you need it most.

Mounting Systems

Solar mounting systems are often undervalued by clients and even installers, with our experience in both rooftop and ground mounted solar we place enormous value on choosing the right supplier. This ensures we have the appropriate mechanical solution for a project, and they have created a product to perform for the 20years+ you need it to.

Our Service & Maintenance Offering

Protecting your equipment means you keep getting the best from it. Our Solar PV maintenance plans make sure your investment is in expert hands. With decades of commercial and agricultural energy experience, we’ll make sure your installation works optimally, and prevent problems before they occur. Our maintenance solutions start from a basic annual service to 24/7 monitoring and solar Panel cleaning

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