28th April 2021

As we come into the peak power generation season we are delighted to be able to offer a 40% DISCOUNT on an annual solar PV service for new clients. The annual service involves extensive checks and measurements but typically includes:

• String tests using a calibrated testing device
• Checking all cabling, routing and condition
• Operation of all AC & DC isolators in turn to check functioning
• Check inverters
• Clean inverter filters
• Check inverter screen(s) to ensure the expected generation – using a solar irradiation meter.


These prices are ex-VAT and based on 50 miles/1.5 hour drive time from Devizes. We will happily quote on distances beyond this and sites local to Devizes may incur further discount. Examples above relate to commercial PV systems. We also offer PV servicing for residential properties and monitoring contracts plus great deals on PV cleaning deals. Call us for details on 01380 726656.