Fostering Growth and Talent at T H WHITE Energy, Fire & Security: Stories of Progression and Success

19th June 2024

T H WHITE has long been celebrated for its commitment to nurturing talent and promoting from within. This philosophy is vividly reflected in the career trajectories of key team members in the Energy, Fire & Security (EFS) division. Here, we explore the journeys of Mike Wild and Scott Whatley, who have ascended through the ranks, under the guidance and support of their manager, Mark Harlow. Their stories highlight T H WHITE’s dedication to internal development and the recognition of hard work and talent.

Mike Wild: From Apprentice to Service Manager

Journey and Evolution:

Mike Wild

Mike Wild embarked on his journey with T H WHITE in 2005, eager to leverage his skills in a diverse and dynamic setting. His foundational experience came from a three-year automotive electrical apprenticeship, which equipped him with valuable technical skills. Seeking new challenges, Mike joined the EFS division, initially working in the service team where he maintained various fire and security systems. His role later expanded to the installation team, where he tackled a wide array of tasks, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the business.

Path to Promotion:

Mike’s promotion to Service Manager in early 2024 was the result of his consistent dedication and performance. As Installation Team Leader, he adeptly balanced administrative responsibilities with hands-on project management, ensuring seamless operations between the office and engineering teams. Mark Harlow, Operations Manager, reflects on Mike’s journey: “Mike has always shown exceptional commitment and professionalism. His ability to juggle the demands of his role while keeping both clients and colleagues satisfied made him an ideal candidate for the Service Manager position.”

During a three-month trial period, Mike proved his capacity to handle the new role’s challenges, reinforcing the confidence that Mark and the senior management had in his capabilities.

Future Contributions and Advice:

As Service Manager, Mike is eager to continue his journey of growth and contribute significantly to the team’s success. He attributes his advancement to maintaining a professional and positive attitude, alongside strong communication and support for both colleagues and customers. “Mike’s success is a clear example of how dedication and a willingness to help can lead to significant opportunities,” says Mark. Mike is also grateful for the mentorship he received from divisional director Ken Ash and the ongoing support from Mark Harlow, both professionally and personally.

Scott Whatley: Engineering Expertise and Leadership

Career Journey:

Scott Whatley

Scott Whatley’s career with T H WHITE began in 2004 as an apprentice. His early years were crucial in building his technical expertise, spending time with the service department and later handling callouts, which exposed him to a wide range of systems. After completing his apprenticeship, Scott transitioned to the installation team, steadily climbing to the position of senior engineer. Following a brief stint of self-employment, Scott returned to EFS in 2023, driven by a renewed focus on career progression.

Leadership and Promotion:

Scott’s leadership qualities were put to the test during the challenging installation project at the Dick Lovett Porsche site in Newport. Managing this complex project, while simultaneously handling other installations, showcased his exceptional multitasking and client management skills. “Scott’s return and subsequent leadership in the Newport project were pivotal. His ability to seamlessly manage multiple responsibilities and maintain client satisfaction highlighted his readiness for a leadership role,” notes Mark Harlow.

Recognising his contributions, EFS promoted Scott to Installation Team Leader, a role where he now leverages his extensive experience to guide the team through challenging projects and maintain high service standards.

Looking Forward:

In his new role, Scott is committed to furthering the development of the installation team and supporting future projects. He emphasises the company’s commitment to internal growth, encouraging his colleagues to pursue career advancement actively. Mark highlights, “Scott’s journey from apprentice to team leader exemplifies the opportunities available within T H WHITE for those who show determination and a desire to progress.” Scott is particularly grateful for the mentorship of Robert Bottoms, a long-time friend and guide, and appreciates the trust and support from Mark Harlow in his current role.

Nurturing Talent and Recognising Potential

Mark Harlow

As the Operations Manager, Mark Harlow has played a significant role in guiding and supporting the growth of team members like Mike and Scott. His own journey from an apprentice to a leadership role gives him a unique perspective on the importance of internal development. “At T H WHITE, we believe in growing our own talent,” says Mark. “Seeing Mike and Scott advance through the ranks reaffirms our commitment to providing opportunities for our people to thrive. Their success stories are a testament to what can be achieved with hard work and the right support.”

Mark’s leadership focuses on recognising potential and providing the necessary tools and mentorship for team members to succeed. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see individuals like Mike and Scott not just take on new challenges but excel in them. It’s a clear indication that our approach to fostering growth and promoting from within is working.”

The career journeys of Mike Wild and Scott Whatley at T H WHITE EFS illustrate the company’s unwavering dedication to fostering internal talent and offering robust career advancement opportunities. Their stories, guided by the supportive management of Mark Harlow, highlight the potential for growth and professional development within T H WHITE. As Mike and Scott continue to contribute to the company’s success, they serve as inspiring examples for their colleagues, embodying the values of dedication, skill and a commitment to excellence.


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