1st January 2018

December saw the T H WHITE Energy, Fire & Security team installing its first grant-funded electric vehicle charge point where the client was able to claim £500 (inc VAT) towards the installation costs.

The client has a hybrid Volvo car and is about to take ownership of an additional new fully-electric car and so needed an additional electrical charging point which had to be suitable for all makes of car. For this installation we used a single phase home charger from EVOLT, for whom T H WHITE is the main installation partner in our region. This unit charges at 7kw/hour and can provide significant savings versus diesel or petrol fuel. This installation was to a relatively simple specification as it’s for the client’s own use, but if it had been for a business we could offer full back offce support 3G or WiFi solutions which allow you to sell your power to other users or visitors on-site. We can supply and fit electric vehicle chargers from 7kw, up to high capacity superchargers supporting all makes of vehicle for public charging locations.

As reported widely by the media, the UK government is pushing very hard for electric vehicle growth as part of its Low Carbon Infrastructure Plan.

As a result, T H WHITE has been gearing up to provide customers with a full range of solutions from simple single phase home charging points to workplace solutions for your own or staff use, or to sell electricity on a business basis. Call us on 01380 726656, or email