1st August 2017

The UK now has over 750,000 solar installations and people have witnessed first-hand the stable income and savings they can generate. As the years go by solar panels will continue to generate and like every piece of infrastructure there are times when they need a check up and a clean to keep them functioning at their highest potential.

T H WHITE Energy specialists have been involved in thousands of solar projects and after seeing an increase in demand from customers for maintenance services we have now expanded our activities to include solar panel cleaning.

Our trained staff use specialist cleaning equipment which we have taken time to test and review to ensure it complies with solar panel manufacturers’ warranty requirements. Solar panels come with a 25 year performance guarantee, provided they are operated and used in the correct approved way.

Why clean solar panels?

As part of our annual inspection we undertake a visual inspection of systems and in the first year we recommend checking quarterly to ensure that dust and dirt build up is monitored. Some businesses have very high levels of dust which may mean cleaning the panels more than once a year. Similarly, where panels are installed in a wooded area there may be leaf debris build-up which can also have a negative effect on solar PV performance.

Clients who have had arrays cleaned within the last year have experienced yield increases of more than 10 per cent following the process. We are able to clean all sizes of roof-mounted solar systems except for those on extreme high-rise buildings. We can also clean small to medium ground-mounted systems. Depending on the size of building we can either carry out the work from ground-level, or attached to ‘mansafes’ and harnesses, or via other mechanical access equipment.

If you have a solar PV installation which could benefit from cleaning, all we need to know is the system size and approximate size of the building in order to provide you with a quote. If there are any factors affecting access requiring special equipment we may choose to visit the site in order to give an accurate quote. For more information and advice on the most effective maintenance regime, call T H WHITE on 01380 726656.