Learning at the ‘Smarter E’ exhibition

10th July 2018

Maintaining a position at the leading edge of renewable energy and smart technology requires insight and exposure to what can be, at best, a complex supply chain, and at worst a melting pot of mixed concepts, products and services. In the UK we have seen a revolution in the adoption of renewable technology across in all sectors. As the market models change the products continue to advance making them viable and competitive with fossil fuels in many cases with no requirement for subsidy support. In July T H WHITE Energy Fire and Security Division attended the ‘Smarter E’ exhibition in Munich – the world’s largest show of it’s kind to deepen the Division’s insight, stay in touch with new innovation and strengthen partnerships with some of the worlds leading manufacturers.

The event showcased a number of key product areas. Solar PV panel and equipment manufacturers demonstrated resilience and increased efficiency. Five years ago a 60-cell panel would have produced around 180-200wp, whereas they now range from 280-330wp output and at a much lower investment cost. Battery storage solutions were also featured. Tesla remains the most cost-effective per kwp also with the highest power output, but other manufacturers are developing their ranges rapidly and will catch up in the next couple of years. 

E-mobility had changed the most compared to previous shows with the rapid growth of electric vehicles. There were not only chargepoints but also signs of solar companies looking at innovative tie-ins with solar PV. There was also a wide range of e-vehicles to test drive including e-boats, e-motorbikes and e-vans, as well as batteries to adapt existing vehicles.

Back in the present, the biggest takeaways from the show were the continued cost effectiveness and relevance for solar PV as a key part of our UK power generating mix. Our team have many years experience and have built some of the biggest rooftop systems in the UK and now maintain hundreds of systems for clients. Call us on 01380 726656 or email energy@thwhite.co.uk