1st November 2017

September saw the big switch on of our fourth T H WHITE solar system to be installed on one of our own buildings, this time on our new Nursteed Road campus which comprises the buildings which house the Energy Fire and Security, Lorry Cranes and Projects Divisions.

The system was design and constructed by our own solar engineering team using solar panels and inverters from our partners Hanwha Qcells and Fronius respectively.

In total the system uses 928 panels and has a peak output of 248.48kwp, able to generate 232,000 units of electricity a year.

We expect the system to provide enough electricity to make the buildings self-sufficient in some months of the year and overall make a significant dent in our electricity overheads.

The system will save 80 tonnes of carbon a year alone, which is important for our ISO50001 and ESOS energy management accreditation and is part of a range of measures we have incorporated in our renovation of the site. These have included new insulated roof panels, low energy lighting, high efficiency gas boilers, PIR lighting controls, and energy efficiency glazing.

T H WHITE Energy Fire and Security is still an active installer of solar systems and we provide a comprehensive range of solar maintenance and cleaning services. Call us on 01380 726656.