3rd September 2018

Did you know that our Energy Division maintains solar parks as well as rooftop solar installations? T H WHITE currently maintains three solar parks in the region, handling everything from electrical testing of AC and DC electrical cables and connections, through to mechanical inspection and repair works, to ensure the systems maintain efficient energy generation throughout their life.

Solar park systems are monitored via 3G or broadband connections and often come with a weather station and pyranometry to monitor the yield and ensure the system is generating at peak performance. The data generated enables us to provide a 7-days-a-week call-out service for clients under contract to ensure systems maintain their generation availability. It also helps us to identify potential improvements to the system over its life as well as spot issues quickly. Solar parks do require regular attention; they are often larger than rooftop installations and sometimes funded by third parties. T H WHITE has installed a number of solar parks but we are also aware of many which were installed by others, often in a rush up to a deadline, after which we have heard from customers about issues requiring repairs or more reliable maintenance.

An area in which we have extensive experience which sets us apart from other solar maintenance companies is in security and CCTV – we have over 25 years in the security industry. When solar parks were built CCTV was often left until last or even overlooked to save money, which is now proving to be a costly mistake for some sites. We offer a full range of technical CCTV solutions which are ideally suited for solar park security including state of the art analytics, PA systems and links to 24/7/365 monitoring to enable fast response on site as a deterrent to potential thieves.

We are happy to review clients’ security arrangements at solar parks and provide a free quote to upgrade or replace CCTV systems should they experience problems.

Our Energy team can also manage solar parks for clients entirely, or work with an existing provider or asset manager to offer them our electrical, security and specialist cleaning services for both planned and reactive maintenance. Please contact our team on or call 01380 726656.