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SWARCO is looking for businesses who share a vision for sustainable growth and EV connected infrastructure. As a SWARCO supplier, we are pleased to share the details of their initiative with our customers.


What does the scheme involve?

The SWARCO model is simple and transparent – it’s a bay rental system.

SWARCO proposes a site design for your property, then supplies, installs and operates the chargers with no costs payable by you.

Some competitors offer profit-share models, but with the EV network still growing, usage can be difficult to predict leading to disappointment and unrealised revenue predictions.

With the SWARCO model, they take on the risk of the stations being underutilised, whilst providing you with a regular rental income no matter what.


How do I qualify?

In order to qualify as a potential SWARCO charging bay location, your site must:

  • Be easily accessible from the main highway network
  • Provide a charging point location which is publicly accessible 24/7
  • Ensure a safe charging location – well lit and safely accessed from the road
  • Offer public amenities either on site or nearby, such as toilets, food and drink or a shop


What’s in it for me?

  • An additional revenue stream straight from your car park
  • Average bay rental payments from SWARCO to you of £1000 per charger, per year.
  • All costs covered by SWARCO – from installation to maintenance and servicing
  • EV charging opportunities for customers and staff
  • Promote your sustainability credentials and boost your visibility as an eco-friendly business
  • Attract new customers to your site and bring in extra revenue during their stay
  • Do your bit for the environment, whilst gaining a competitive edge!


What’s in it for my customers?

From a user experience perspective, SWARCO’s chargers are intuitive and easy to use. With payment options including contactless, app-payment and monthly billing, customers have complete flexibility. Each station features 8″ LED touchscreens which are both easy to use and can be used by you for additional revenue generation and promotional messages.

Having access to a charging station on your site will not only provide cost-effective charging solution but encourage customers to visit and spend time at your location, benefitting from the opportunities your business provides and ensuring a safe, trusted location to recharge each and every time they pass.

SWARCO’s charging tariff is one of the cheapest on the market, and uses only 100% renewable energy too!


What do I need to do?

Simply complete the enquiry form below and a member of our team will contact you to answer any questions, provide more information and discuss your site in more detail. There’s no obligation and no cost, so there really is nothing to lose!


What are the next steps?

Once your site has been identified as a viable location, a member of the SWARCO planning team will work in partnership with you from start to finish. They will liaise with the local energy supplier to connect with the network and develop a site design. Once the proposal has been finalised and contracts signs, they will work with the experts at T H WHITE to install your new charging station and get you up and running.



Swarco is committed to establishing a network of Rapid EV chargers throughout the UK and to delivering a reliable, innovative charging system trusted by thousands of drivers and site hosts across the country. SWARCO was one of the first providers to install EV charging points in the UK more than a decade ago and is now one of the most familiar names in the highways industry.

Now with over 7,000 charging stations installed across the UK, SWARCO has become a byword for reliability, innovation and performance.


  • All SWARCO charge points are run on 100% renewable energy
  • All SWARCO managers, sales representatives and engineers all drive electric vehicles – so they live what they promote
  • SWARCO is a founding member of Trees For Life, committed to supporting environmental causes and rewilding the Scottish Highlands for the benefit of all


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