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The electric vehicle market is one of the fastest growing markets in the UK with projections of 12m cars by 2020.  The UK Government is backing this important trend for ultra-low emissions and the electric vehicle segment is predicted to continue to grow.

This means more and more commercial and public buildings will require vehicle charge point infrastructure as will the homes of drivers who own or lease electric vehicles.


Access to Government Grants


T H WHITE Energy, Fire & Security offers electric vehicle (EV) charge point installation to domestic and commercial clients as part of it’s range of specialist building services.

Working with key manufacturing partners, we install the full range of electric vehicle chargers from 7kW to 150kW throughout workplaces, on the street, in public car parks and at residential homes.

We are OLEV approved to offer both government grant schemes – the EVHS (home charge point scheme) and the WCS (workplace charge point scheme).


Turnkey Installation


T H WHITE provides a turnkey service including design, installation and commissioning of wall mounted or post mounted single or multi-point charging sockets ranging from trickle to rapid charge speeds.

Our  in-house staff are fully trained in new EV technology ensuring each installation is compliant with the new regulations.


EV Chargepoint Cost Calculator

Explore the costs of commercial, workplace and residential Electric Vehicle Chargepoint installation with our handy cost calculator.

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Workplace Chargers

Partnering with Swarco we install the Evolt range of standard or urban electric vehicle post chargers in 7kW, 22kW and 50kW speeds across workplaces in the south of England.

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On Street or Public Car Parks

T H WHITE has been successfully installing electric vehicle chargers on streets and in public car parks for years.  As an approved installation partner of Swarco we work with local authorities across the south of England to install the Evolt range of chargers.

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Home Charge Points

Partnering with Pod Point, EO, Tesla and Wallbox we install home charge points for electric vehicles allowing you to benefit from fast home charging.  Our accredited in-house engineers will specify and design the solution to meet your needs. 

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OLEV Grants

T H WHITE is OLEV approved providing you with access to the Workplace Charging Scheme(WCS)or the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHS) government grants when you install an electric vehicle charge point.

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EV Chargepoint Cost Calculator


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