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Concept Pro is a professional CCTV & Video Solutions manufacturer built upon integrity, reliability & trust. Supplying products in the UK, USA & European security markets for over 20 years, their key focus is to understand what installers and end users really need from Camera’s, Recorders, Monitors and Analytics and bring them to the market.

Manufactured in Korea and boasting a complete range of market leading products. They are also NDAA compliant.


Providing bespoke CCTV solutions across a spectrum of industries in both private and public sectors including:

  • Retail
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Defence
  • Leisure
  • Agriculture
  • Vehicle Monitoring & Number Plate Recognition

And many more!

Concept Pro offer a varied product portfolio of CCTV cameras which include turret cameras, eyeball cameras, compact domes, vandal domes, bullet cameras, thermal cameras and PTZ cameras.


We are pleased to offer solutions with Concept Pro’s impressive range of devices to suit different needs and preferences.

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