Myenergi Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Founded by Lee Sutton and Jordan Brompton in 2016, Myenergi began with the simple question of “why isn’t there a product on the market that allows you to charge your EV from the solar PV panels installed on your house?”

Since then, the company have gone from strength-to-strength, now employing over 400 members of staff. With an impressive product portfolio, having sold over 500,000 units worldwide.

Initially released in 2017, their most popular product, zappi has become game-changer in the EV charging industry taking power from the grid, solar or wind. Future proof, intelligent electric car charging. Zappi is the #1 best selling solar compatible charger. Designed for convenience, not compromise.

Myenergi’s mission is to create smart home solutions that are both affordable and sustainable, helping to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. They also aim to remove the barriers to a greener future, including the technological, behavioural and financial challenges relating to fast adoption of smart energy products. Evident in their annual growth of more than 180% since 2020, they are recognised as a trusted go-to-supplier offering high-quality EV charging solutions and services.

Now with over 3,000 approved zappi charging stations installed worldwide, Myenergi are at the forefront of shifting the world onto a more sustainable trajectory.

zappi Product Features:

  • All Myenergi charge points can be run on 100% renewable energy
  • 7Kw 1ph or 22Kw 3ph charging options
  • Untethered or Type 2 Tethered connection types
  • 3 charging modes of eco, eco+ and fast

T H WHITE Energy Fire & Security offer both an electric vehicle charging point in their premises and the installation of Myenergi Smart Charging charge points to both domestic and commercial end-users.

Learn more about MyEnergi electric vehicle charging from T H WHITE, call us today.

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