1st December 2018

The T H WHITE electric vehicle charge point at Nursteed Road Devizes, is now connected to Swarco E.Connect and available for anyone to use with a Swarco card/account. Its location code Is SEC.10096.

Go to www.swarcoeconnect.org and either download their App or download via your usual App platform. This is now live on both Apple and Android. The cost at any given location will be displayed on the website and within the App. A live map is being developed for the website which will show all the locations of charging points together with prices.

Swarco E.Connect Is an electric vehicle (EV) recharging network in the UK, Germany and Austria. It is part of the Swarco Group, which also owns eVolt, a supplier of EV Charge Points.

The charge point, supplied by T H WHITE Energy, Fire & Security Division, has a dual socket universal charger capable of charging the majority of electric vehicles and hybrids. Designed for use on commercial premises, the charger has 2 x 7kw smart charging sockets enabling two vehicles to be charged simultaneously and means visitors and staff to our head office can now plug In while they visit to help top up their car or van for their next journey.